Would replacing remote motor doors be covered by the strata? – Jonathan – NSW

Q: My garage door is on common property in a unit block. it also has a remote/motor.

I was recently informed by the real estate that the door is not working and is broken.

The real estate advised that the motor had a fault and had a surge in power which resulted in ripping the garage door out of the tracks and bending the door.

They are advising that strata will not cover this.

Can you please confirm if covered by strata or not as they have provided a quotation to replace the motor and door which runs into the thousands.

A: First, You must ascertain if the garage motor in question is a lot owner installation or a strata fixture.
The easiest way to define is by checking the registered strata plan and by-laws for any notations regarding garage door openers. Also, consider whether the opener was installed before (strata) or after (lot owner) the registration of the strata plan.
If the lot owner installed the auto opener, this would need to be addressed by the owner to repair/replace it. However, the subsequent damage to the door appears to be from an incident (not wear and tear), with the repairs to the actual door likely covered under the building insurance by a claim.
Once the owner has addressed the garage door opener, provide evidence (e.g. photos, paid invoice) to the strata manager with a prompt to submit an insurance claim to repair the actual door. Unless a by-law defines the owner as responsible for the excess, this should be covered under strata.
If the garage opener is a strata fixture, then this portion of the repairs should be covered by strata and included in the claim if applicable.