I’m concerned my renovations won’t be approved by my committee


I recently purchased a unit and started some renovations without approval. It was only for a new kitchen splashback, new floor tiles, carpet, and cabinets. I ended up getting complaints, so my strata manager said he would have a by-law drafted that would then require approval at a special general meeting. Here, my application would be reviewed. I’m now concerned I won’t get approval as the committee want contractors with a minimum $10 million in public liability insurance whereas mine only has $5 million in insurance.

Is this reasonable, and can they deny my application?



This decision is up to the owners corporation when they vote to allow or deny your minor renovations. They can deny your application if the approval, requiring contractors to have a minimum of $10 million in public liability insurance, has already gone through.

If you stopped when you got the complaints, you might have earned some good graces by pausing renovations and undertaking the proper process. It’s worth having an open conversation with your owners corporation, especially those who are eligible to vote, to try and convince them to approve your request.

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