Who pays for power related issues? – QLD, Ashish


I had smoke in my main switch electrician Attended property on for power related issues.
He found that cables behind the switchboard were burnt and broken due to a small electrical fire
behind the switchboard. Damage to the switchboard caused by the fusion of cables has led us to require the replacement of
damaged Safety switches and circuit breakers.
He did below work
+ Disconnect all cables and remove old damaged components
+ Supply and install new safety switches (RCDs) to protect all final sub circuits
+ Switchboard cover plate
+ Comprehensive checking and testing completed for all wiring
+ Fire and water sealed all cavities in the switchboard
+ Label circuits, neutrals and main earth location

Who will pay for it, Owner or Strata?

A: When it comes to specific queries like this, it is best to reach out to your committee or strata manager for assistance. The body corporate will take into account various factors to determine the responsible party, including:
• Is the scheme registered as a building format plan or a standard format plan?
• Was the electrical wiring located in a boundary wall or internal wall?
• Are the cables classified as utility infrastructure as defined in the regulation module?
• Did the electrical fire result from a lack of maintenance?
Your committee or strata manager will be able to provide you with the most accurate response based on the specific details of your situation.