I have an electrical issue on my balcony. Is this my responsibility?


I have owned my apartment for 12-months. During a recent storm my power went out and the strata manager was asked to send an electrician. The fault was found to be an electrical outlet on the balcony (which I didn’t know existed behind the air conditioner ). The outlet has now been isolated. The committee wants me to pay for the call-out and the relocation of the power outlet. What are my rights? – Linda, NSW



It is most likely that this power point is part of your lot and, therefore, your responsibility. You can check your strata plan and by-laws to confirm whether it’s classified as yours or part of the common property. If the electrical outlet on the balcony is considered owners property you will be responsible for the payment. However, if the electrical outlet on the balcony is considered a part of common property, your strata will be the ones who will have to pay. For more information, read our article on balcony maintenance and repairs in strata, where we explain who’s responsible for what.