Who is responsible for collecting meeting minutes when meetings and decisions are made via email? – Sue, QLD

Who keeps the minutes for Committee Meetings where the decisions are made via email. Where should the original be kept and how are the minutes distributed to all lot owners.

– Sue, QLD

Whether its face to face meetings or online meetings via email, teleconference or video conference, collating and distributing meeting minutes is a key part of meetings. The secretary keeps track of minutes of the meeting and provides a copy of the minutes to all owners after the meeting.

Before the next meeting is scheduled, the secretary also provides a copy of the minutes from the last meeting along with the meeting notice, which is either sent by post, email, or as a notice board update in a visible area of the property so all owners are aware of the outcome from the last meeting.

For more information on accessing your body corporate records, you may visit the Queensland Government website here.

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