Who cleans up garbage dumped in common bins by tenants who have left the building? – Darren, QLD

We have a common area bin room where all tenants are to put their rubbish in. A few tenants have left the building over the past year dumping rubbish or unwanted things in the bin room area. Who is responsible for removing such rubbish such as used barbecue, plastic chairs, etc. and keeping this tidy?

– Darren, QLD

You should refer this matter to your body corporate who may organise a clean up of this area.  You may wish to call your body corporate manager who can refer this on to the committee.

The common area bin is a provision for all owners and residents. So everyone should take the responsibility of keeping the garbage bins well maintained, tidy and free of clutter. Owners who rent out their property should take care to make their tenants and guests aware of the property by-laws and rules around garbage disposal. If your by-laws are unclear on the matter or insufficient, your body corporate can adopt model by-laws and outline the topic of garbage disposal and formalise it in an AGM through special resolution. That way, all owners and residents can adhere to the by-laws and remain on the same page about shared responsibilities and restrictions.

You may find more information in this article on garbage disposal in body corporate properties.