When people next door smoke, it fills my unit and I have to close the door. Is there nothing I can do about stopping smoke drifting in to my apartment? – Helen, QLD

Owning body corporate property is all about community living, but the fact is all owners have a right to enjoy their property in their own way. If they are smoking within their private property, it is hard to enforce any restrictions. If they’re doing so on common property, your body corporate can help you out – they can mediate matters between you and your neighbours and also put up clear signages and notices to demarcate clear smoking zones and no smoking areas on common property.

You may speak with your neighbours and discuss your concerns yourself Рsometimes an honest chat can make a big difference. Also, take a look at your property by-laws to know what is outlined regarding smoking on body corporate property and help your neighbours get in the same page about the rules.

If your by-laws are insufficient or unclear, you can discuss with your body corporate to have them amended in your next annual general meeting (AGM). Breaching by-laws can mean fines, so that can help restrict the issues of smoking to some extent.

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