What should I do about declaring my pet before moving in? Sarah, VIC

I’m moving into a new apartment soon & have a rescue chihuahua. I was scared to let them know about him. There is a courtyard but I have been looking for over a year & declined based on having a pup smaller than a cat. I have been accepted into this new flat & not sure how to approach the subject. It’s an investment property & my pup is about 8 years old. House trained & never chews anything besides playing with his teddy. How can I approach my agent without being declined. I’m currently staying with a friend until I move in. My last landlord had no issues with him at all. Sarah, VIC

In detached houses, your landlord would have the final say, but as you are moving into an owners corporation the decision will be determined by the owners corporation and it’s pet by-laws.

You should request a copy of the owners corporation by-laws to read whether your community restricts pets before making any further decisions.

Landlords or owners should give new tenants or residents a copy of the owners corporation rules at the start of their tenancy.

If your owners corporation has restrictive pet by-laws, it will be difficult to gain approval for your pet.

By July 1, 2020, every tenant in Victoria will have the right to have a pet in their rental property under sweeping reforms to the state’s tenancy rules.

For more information on the new laws to come into effect next year, visit the Victorian Government’s website

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