What rights do I have concerning my neighbour’s barking dogs? – Rita, NSW

Q: “I have a person below me who has two large dogs. They bark frequently, pretty loudly, and it can happen in early morning or when I put the children to sleep. The committee tells me its a “neighbour resolution” problem and I believe it is a committee/strata problem because it is disturbing another occupier. What rights do I have?”

A: Review your by-laws about keeping a pet to find out if there’s a section on the behaviour and/or noise levels of animals in the building. Sometimes, the by-law or building rules might only apply to common property, however, not inside an individual’s lot. If the dogs barking are in clear violation of the by-laws, any owner can put forward a motion to the next general meeting for discussion by all owners. Outside of your strata property, local council rangers may be able to enforce noise control regulations.