What is the extent of, and the limitations of our strata manager’s powers? – Frank, NSW

About 15 years ago, our Strata Scheme delegated to the strata manager all of the functions of the Owners Corporation, the strata committee and the Officers. What is the EXTENT of, and the limitations of, the Strata Manager’s powers we have agreed for them to take on our behalf?

– Frank, NSW

The strata managing agent is appointed for a 12-month term in an annual general meeting (AGM) and the contract may be extended for another two years to help manage the strata property. The contract agreement will outline the extent of your strata manager’s role and responsibilities that the owners corporation has agreed upon.

According to the NSW Fair Trading, strata managers cannot:

  • delegate their powers, authorities, duties or functions to others
  • set levies
  • make a decision on a restricted matter
  • oversee matters related to their own appointment and engagement

A copy of the strata management agent agreement is required to be accessible for the owners corporation at all times. So you may approach your owners corporation to get more clarity on the strata managers contract and responsibilities.

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