What can we do about a manager not repairing a roof that causes damage to apartments? – Cherie, VIC

This question is about the inaction of the Owners Corporation manager, a company that ‘manages’ multiple small 4-20 unit OCs. We own one unit in a 6 unit complex. Standard OC rules apply. Last November rain came through the roof and damaged the ceilings in 2 apartments, but the the manager said we need to get the roof fixed before, claiming insurance for the ceilings. The roof has had problems for several years. At the AGM in February the owners agreed we need two more quotes before selecting a company for the repair. Despite 4 emails and a few phone calls asking the manager to progress this he has still not requested quotes. There is no committee. What can we do about this situation? Your advise would be appreciated.

– Cherie, VIC

Hi Cherie, we suggest you speak with the principal of the manager or consumer affairs. Unfortunately, we are not privy to the agreement with the owners corporation manager nor the insurance policy at your strata title and will not be able to provide a substantial answer.