What can I do when another apartment is smoking on their balcony and cigarette smoke keeps wafting into my apartment?- Lana, QLD

Body corporate property is all about shared living, but the fact is all owners have a right to enjoy their property in their own way.

If your neighbours are smoking on their own private balcony or with exclusive-use by-laws, it’s difficult to restrict them from smoking. If they’re doing so on common property or shared areas, you may seek the assistance of your body corporate to designate clear smoking zones and no smoking areas on common property with signage and notices.

If an open conversation discussing concerns with your neighbour isn’t helping, you may take the help of your body corporate to mediate matters or make the by-laws more accessible.

Your by-laws would ideally have the necessary guidelines and restrictions regulating smoking on common property. If your by-laws are insufficient or unclear, you can approach your body corporate to have them amended in your next annual general meeting (AGM).

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