What can I do about my noisy gamer neighbour in the apartment above mine? – Hilly, QLD

I am in an apartment, the person above me must be a gamer as he yells all the time, really loud. What can I do? Also he must have a gym as every morning he bands them on the floor and of course the noise goes right down to my apartment. This is at about 5 am or earlier. Please help what can I do?

– Hilly, QLD

You may wish to approach them and let them know that this is interfering with your peaceful enjoyment of your lot. You may help them get familiar with the by-laws of your property regarding noise levels – sometimes they may just not be aware of the rules.

If you wish to make this formal, you would have to submit a Form 1 to your body corporate and take their help to resolve any disputes. Your body corporate manager can help you with further details.

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