What are the steps to get permission to renovate the outside of my lot? Yolan, NSW

I would like to permission to build awning in our backyard. Can you please advice what are the steps needed to proceed and who can we contact for this? Yolan, NSW


Before making any renovations that change the look of the exterior of your property, you will require permission via committee approval.

This is because the building’s exterior is common property and changes to its appearance, you need permission to renovate via a vote in an annual general meeting (AGM).

In your situation, the best process will be to check your by-laws about making renovations and changes to common property and whose responsibility it may be to oversee its maintenance.

At your next AGM, you may file a motion and include your request in the agenda of the meeting and make your case about the necessity and benefits of making the change.

Your committee is more likely to give permission to renovate if it does not negatively affect common property or cause a problem for other owners.

You must make sure to discuss who will be responsible for its upkeep and costs from maintenance.

For more information on the permissions required before renovating, you may check another question we have answered earlier.