What are the rules for visitors parking in a shared driveway? Gil, VIC

We live in a 6 unit complex where 5 owners use shared driveway. We all have double garages and I park in a spot directly out side garage door but at least four nights a week one unit has 3 cars parking in the shared driveway overnight. What are the rules and regulations here? – Gil, VIC


Per the Owners Corporations Regulations (2018), owners in a scheme are prohibited from leaving their vehicle on the common property so as to obstruct a driveway, pathway, entrance or exit to a lot. Similarly, visitors vehicles may park only in the area on the common property specified for that purpose by the owners corporation.

In your case, it appears that this is happening with the high number of visiting cars blocking the shared driveway overnight.

It is important you first check this against your community’s by-laws but generally unless it’s an emergency, the owner or occupier of a lot cannot park anywhere except their designated spot if they have one.

Your best course of action to see this issue overcome is to discuss the issue with the relevant person.

However if that does not work, you should always talk to your owners’ corporation.

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