What are strata property rules regarding noise ratings on hard floors? – Zara, NSW

What are the NSW rules for strata plans regarding noise ratings on hard floors. I am thinking about replacing my very old carpet and in the living areas would like to put a 100% waterproof product. It is a cork based product that has a noise rating but want to check that it complies.

– Zara, NSW

Currently, strata noise levels are not specifically outlined as per NSW legislation. However, the Building Code of Australia (BCA) sets a standard for impact noise transmission not greater than (LnT,w < 62 dB). This is a measure of the noise produced by the hard floor surface and your new flooring would need to comply with this.

The product’s seller should be able to provide your with it’s specific noise rating to determine whether this will be compliant or not. Also, you should note that you will need the committee approval for this renovation, as it falls under the ‘minor renovations’ legislation. For more information, you may read this article on the various types of renovations in NSW.

Make sure to check your by-laws about permissible noise levels and contact your owners corporation to get more clarity on what your strata property requirements may be.