What are the cost and permission requirements for installing bollards and security cameras? – Mel, VIC

Q: Please help me?
I purchased a rear single story unit of 2 April 22, with the front unit being a rental.
These were built approx 2019 and I have never owned a unit before.
The driveway access is to the left of the block that runs straight into my double garage, with the front units’ double garage between both units situated on the right hand side of the driveway
At no time during my property inspections were there additional vehicles parked in what is classed on the Section 32 as the common area on the property plan. There is no body corp in place.
I do pay half of the liability insurance arranged by the owner of the front unit for the common property which I’ve been told is the reverse turning circle for both properties that developers would have to have allowed for
Since moving in, the front tenant has been parking 1 x additional car in front of their garage. This vehicle was right next to my unit & my gas metre which is one of my concerns, due to potential damage as there’s no bollard to protect against it being hit.
They also cannot exit their vehicle without stepping into my garden bed which I am trying to currently re-do
I have been woken many times when they open & close doors on this vehicle either early in the morning or late at night or by their visitors parking next to that vehicle, making it 2 x cars parked in this area. Their visitors have great difficulty getting their cars out due to the tight turning circle and takes them several attempts, but I believe they have hit items in the garden along the driveway fenceline garden bed trying to get out
These cars are parallel to my bedroom window approx 4 metres away
This area is a natural amphitheater for sound which reverberates right into my bedroom.
When re-doing the entire garden beds along the driveway and in my garden bed outside my lounge, I noticed they started parking their vehicle next to their unit leaving space between my unit and their extra car, so after talking with one of the tenants being advised it would be permanent, I asked if I could put my bins next to my wall (half on my property and half in what would be considered common area next to their driveway) but asked if they could speak with the main tenant and seek her ok before it cost me money to have the small area in my garden paved. They did not get back to me before it cost me to have it paved but did so afterwards and requested I move it. I noted their bins were on the other side of the common area/driveway to their double garage and advised that I was hesitant in wasting the money I had spent after I had tried to be respectful in asking. The tenant then started parking the car back next to my unit and blocked my bins in deliberately.
I’ve since moved my bins to in front of my unit in the driveway until I can find space in my garage but since this occurred, it has been awful living there. I don’t even want to go outside to finish the garden beds and looked into selling and trying to get another home for myself and my children. I would incur a huge financial loss in selling and trying to buy a new home now
Recently her son & his partner have moved in and now they are also parking infront of their garage, so there’s 2 cars in the garage and 2 in front in what I’ve been told is common property and no vehicles are permitted to park there. I don’t even know if the leasing agent know there’s extra tenants moved in
I had spoken to the tenant & also the owner late last year that I’m not happy about the cars being parked there but after the tenant became hostile, I did not request anything be done about the cars through absolute fear of the tenants reaction and vengeance
My understanding is that the common area is only for reverse turning and not parking… can you please advise if this is correct?
I think my property is governed by the Modern Rules for an Owners Corporation, even though it is just me and the front unit?
I have to reverse into the driveway and straight into my garage, as there is nowhere to turn my vehicle around so I can exit front first
I really need to know before I consider taking this to the rental agent and putting in an objection
If they hit my gas metre, who pays for the repair?
If I want a bollard installed to protect my meter half on my property / half in common area next to the driveway, who pays for that?
Is it a split cost or my full cost ?
Do I need get their permission ?
Can I have security cameras installed on my unit in the event, they become even more toxic and try to damage my property when I’m at work ? I am becoming really fearful and afraid they will get nasty if I say anything about the extra cars
Do I have to have to obtain the front unit’s owners permission for security camera/s?
If they do not agree, can I just have a front door camera and a camera that only captures my front area
The whole thing has made me feel sick and I’m not sleeping well at all and not enjoying the new home we thought would be our forever home
I really hope you can help me please


A: Hi Mel, thank you for your question. As you point out this is a complex situation. We recommend you seek legal advice to support you through this process. The Strata Community Association, Victoria https://www.vic.strata.community/vic-owners-information might also be another good resource for you to consider. We wish you luck in getting this situation resolved.