We have units in our complex who haven’t paid body corporate fees for 7 years. What can be done about this? – Benjamin, QLD

Q: We have 2 units in our complex (11 units) who haven’t paid body corporate fees for 7 years. I’ve sent demand notices and had agreed payment plans but they haven’t paid a thing. I’ve had to put rates up for the other 9 units to cover their none payment.

Queensland community titles schemes smooth running relies on each lot owner paying a share of body corporate expenses. When units don’t pay their share of levies, others owners in the scheme consequentially suffer. Here’s what the body corporate can do to seek levies when this occurs.

The Queensland Government Body Corporate and Management Office details, if a body corporate contribution is not paid by the due date, the body corporate can start debt recovery action to recover the amount. If a debt has been overdue for two years, the body corporate must start debt recovery within two months of that date.

However, this does not stop the body corporate from starting debt recovery earlier. The body corporate can lodge a debt dispute claim with the Queensland Civil and Administrative Review Tribunal (QCAT) or the courts.

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