Is 25 year old waterproofing the responsibility of the Owners’ Corporation? – Rob, NSW

Q: 9 townhouses. 25yo. One unit's owner is asking for Owners' Corp to repair waterproofing in the shower that is leaking into the laundry below. It is possible/ likely, (yet to be confirmed) that the original bathroom has been renovated during the 25 years since construction. Is 25yo waterproofing the responsibility of the Owners' Corporation? - Rob, NSW

A: It is recommended that you look through the lot’s history to find out if it has been renovated or not. There may be a by-law that was drafted for the renovation, although it may be difficult to find given the long time frame.

Generally speaking, waterproofing is part of the owners corporation’s responsibility to maintain and repair. You may also want to check that it is indeed an issue with the waterproofing, or whether it is an issue with a leaking pipe/other leakages. A certified plumber should be able to help you locate the source of the leak.