Visitor parking in my building is used permanently by tenants. What can I do? – Jen, NSW

Firstly, most strata properties have by-laws on visitor parking, which if breached, penalties can apply. Therefore, it’s important to check with the owner’s corporation if visitor parking by-laws are in effect and take their help to restrict owners and residents from parking in visitor spots.

According to NSW Fair Trading, owners and residents are only allowed to park in the spaces allocated to them. Since visitor parking areas are usually a part of designated common property, others are not allowed to use these parking spots, unless the owner has express permission from the owners corporation in certain cases.

The owners corporation should make sure to put up clear and legible signs to demarcate these parking spots and specify how long visitors can park there. Also, the owners corporation can enter into a parking arrangement with the local council to help monitor parking violations on the strata property. The agreement must be approved by special resolution of the owners corporation and council fees should be paid.

You can read the full description outlined by Fair Trading here. For more information on visitor parking, read our article here.