Is the grouting between shower tiles also considered common property? – Peter, NSW

Q: The owners corporation of my apartment advises that the floor tiles (and the waterproofing underneath them) on the base of my shower are considered common property. Is the grouting between those tiles also considered common property? (Explanatory note: the tiles and waterproofing in question are located on the base of the shower - ie inside the shower cubicle which is surrounded by walls and a shower screen. Given that the tiles are agreed to be common property it would seem to make sense that the grouting in between those tiles is also considered common property, especially as the grouting of common property tiles forms an integral and necessary part of that common property. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.)

A: Generally, tiles along with grouting between tiles inside your lot will be considered owners property and therefore their responsibility. However, if the tiles are agreed to be common property then it would indeed only make sense that grouting is inclusive.

For more information you may be able to refer to your strata by-laws, or strata plan.