An owner of a car who parks on a common property is making it impossible for me to get into my garage!

Q: There is an owner of a car who parks on common property, making it impossible for me to get my car into my garage! When I contacted the committee, they said they can’t do anything except put a note on the windscreen, and that only the police can fine or move the vehicle.

When I requested advice from the police, they said that as it is private property, it is a matter for the committee. How can I force the committee or police to act to enable me to use my garage? My access to my property is curtailed by an inconsiderate driver.

A: In cases like this, it could be best to talk to the person who is parking their car in the driveway and blocking your exit route. They may simply be unaware that their parking is causing you issues.

If you are unable to resolve the issue through a talk with the owner of the vehicle, the committee may be able to organise the removal of a vehicle that is parked illegally on common property, or that blocks an exit or entrance.

We recommend drafting a formal letter to your committee and talking to your strata manager about following the steps to have it dealt with. Your strata manager will be able to guide your actions (such as making your parking issue an agenda item).

For more helpful information, have a read of PICA Group’s article about removing parked vehicles that cause obstruction on common property.