The strata manager has drafted a contract that does not match the agreement to extend our management agreement for 12 months. In 2018 they extended management till 2021 and now in 2019 it is extended until 2022. This issue is that the owners corporation members that signed the contracts didn’t read the dates properly. What are our options now to reduce the contact from July 2019 – July 2020? – Winnie, NSW

Hello Winnie, unfortunately your options will be very limited in this regard.

First step would be to review the motion that was put to the general meeting and the agreement circulated with the meeting notice stating the term. The agreement would’ve been sent out with the notice for all owners to read through prior to the meeting. The decision regarding length of term is taken by the owners corporation members present at the meeting.

Check the minutes from that meeting as well, to confirm what was recorded and agreed. If these all correlate, then the agreement stands. If any of these do not correlate to the signed contract communicate this to the manager including their licensee in charge.