The by-laws are quite specific about the size and type of dogs allowed in my strata property. I need my companion dog for health reasons – what are my options? – Conrad, NSW

I’m an apt owner in a tower in the western suburbs where you are allowed 2 dogs but a certain size but you must carry your pet on all community common areas including lifts and tiled main foyer. My dog died last week and I am moving back into my apartment which I had rented out for the past 3 years. If I get another dog it will be about 30 cm taller than what is specified by the strata by-laws. I have a medium size dog – a wheaten Terrier. I have a bad back and can’t carry the dog even though it’s not a heavy dog. I need my companion dog for certain health reasons and I am on a disability pension. My committee are not very flexible. Legally where do I stand?

– Conrad, NSW

Usually, pet by-laws may be specific to a property type. The wording in animal by-laws normally clarifies that pets need to be restrained (e.g. on a lead) when traversing common property. You may need to check the exact wording of the by-law to see what are the responsibilities for you as an owner.