The box aircon above mine is dripping onto ours every night as the tenant has it turned on all night loud anough to drive you mad. Owner is no help so far and Body Corp won’t enforce the issue. Whats my next step? – John, QLD

Hi John, if you have a dispute (such as yours) with another owner or occupier you must try to resolve it with the other party first. Reasonable steps should be taken by you to resolve the issue before a formal dispute resolution application.

• You may wish to communicate with the neighbour personally (preferably in writing, as this may be needed as evidence of self resolution later on)

• Present a motion to the committee

• Present a motion to a general meeting.

Approach the committee to write to the owner.

The benefits of self resolution assist with stopping the issue from getting more serious, is faster and cheaper, leads to better relationships and stops further disputes.

If self resolution fails you can apply for dispute resolution with the Commission of Body Corporate and Community Management. In most cases you must attempt conciliation as a the compulsory first step in dispute resolution.

Read about this process on the government page: