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Strata property matters

Here is where you find everything strata related around the management of common property, running a meeting, being on top of legislative or compliance changes or changing rules (by-laws), and more.

Building rule/by-laws

Are you struggling withe neighbour that smokes or is causing noise? Unsure about the rules around short-term letting? Or, unclear about what can you do? What can’t you do? Find out what your rights are.

Committee management

The “business” side of strata. Being on the committee is a big responsibility. If you are unclear about what happens at Annual General Meetings (AGM), or what your role and responsibilities are as a member, we’ve got years of experience to guide you along the way.

Building compliance

We’ve got the critical issues relating to your building covered. If there’s a legislative or compliance matters that you’re unsure of,¬†we have the lawyers and specialists in-house to assist.