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StrataFAQ topic - Strata porperty matters

Strata property matters

Living in a strata property comes with its own set of perks and challenges, and we understand you may have questions from time to time. Find answers on how you can resolve issues with neighbours who are too loud or keep bothersome pets, bullying and harassment in your building, unclean areas or neighbours, and more.

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StrataFAQ topic - Building rules and by-laws

Building rules & by-laws

In addition to your state laws and regulations, you should be aware of your property by-laws and planning regulations so that you are always on the front foot. See answers around issues with rules about keeping pets, banning smoking, stopping illegal/obstructive parking, and how you can request changes to existing building by-laws, or include new ones in your building.

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StrataFAQ topic - Committee management

Committee management

You can make an impact and have an influence on enhancing community living. In this section, you can find answers to common questions around your building’s committee. Find answers on how to deal with disagreements with your committee, accessing financial reports and meeting minutes, election of committee members and their roles, and more.

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StrataFAQ topic - Building compliance

Building compliance

Not only are buildings complicated and costly, it can also be challenging to navigate the often complicated and tricky landscape of building compliance. Find answers revolving around preventing unexpected building costs, how to deal with various building insurance issues, and how to manage risks and difficulties when building defects arise.

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