Are strata able to issue parking fines? – Freya, NSW

Q: Are strata able to issue parking fines via a new “Car Park Management System” for residents that have had no other choice (due to car troubles) but to park in a visitor parking space overnight?

Our carport is on B3 with limited clearance space for a tow truck, our car would also not lock, meaning we couldn’t use street parking. I have explained the situation but they have stated it is private property and will not withdraw the breach notice/fine. Is there wiggle room in these situations, we are first time offenders.


A: An owners corporation itself is not able to issue parking fines. The only way your strata scheme can manage parking fines is through parking management services provided by your council, which may be what is happening here.

If you believe you have been unfairly fined due to circumstances outside of your control, try contacting your local council to dispute it.