I recently bought a strata apartment but didn’t receive any notification regarding levy payment on moving in. What should I do? – Jenna, NSW

I’ve recently bought an apartment about 6 weeks ago and have not heard anything from strata. I am worried I may have an outstanding levy to pay. Does strata usually contact new owners when they move in? Are they notified of the change of ownership? Or is it my responsibility to try and notify strata myself? 

– Jenna, NSW

Usually, when there’s change of lot ownership, your strata manager gets a formal notification from the owners corporation called the Section 22 notice. In some cases, lapses happen when the address has not been updated from the side of the solicitor.

So the first step is to check with your strata manager if they’ve received this notice, and if they have the correct address on file. If not, you may have to check with your solicitor or conveyencer to facilitate this notification and change of address information.

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