Strata have put an excess of $25,000 on repairs for water damage but refuse to cover the damage from a burst water filter in my unit. How can I get help? – Lianne, NSW

Strata have put an excess of $25,000 on repairs for water damage. Consequently they say they will not cover water damage for my flooded downstairs unit that has resulted from a burst water filter. Please can you help as I’m so upset and nobody is allowed to talk to our strata other than one guy on the committee unless it has to do with money. It’s extremely frustrating and unfair as we pay them to help us and they do nothing. What are my options?

– Lianne, NSW


It would be unlikely that the owners corporation put the excess in place. This would most likely be a decision of the insurance company. You may wish to confirm this and contact your insurance company in case you have coverage under your policy.

As for communication, we suggest you find out if this factor has been written into your strata manager’s contract or strata agency agreement. If this is not covered, you may wish to question your owners corporation regarding how such an arrangement was made.

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