Can someone who is not a property owner be a proxy for a property owner and hold the position of chairman, secretary or treasurer? – Debbie, QLD

Yes, they can, if they’re representing a property owner.

A property owner can nominate anyone of their choosing to manage their property on their behalf or act as their proxy or an office bearer. They could appoint themselves, another property owner, a family member or quite simply, anyone holding the property owner’s power of attorney. They could appoint a family member such as their spouse, including ‘de facto’ spouse or partner or even their children, adopted or step-children if they’re over the age of 18. In case of joint ownership, usually only one co-owner of a property can be appointed as a voting member of the committee, at a time.

However, in some situations, if there are no other nominations, more than one co-owner can be appointed to the committee at the same time.