Smoke is drifting into my apartment. What can I do? – Ibrahim, NSW

In New South Wales, your strata property is governed by by-laws that outline the rules around smoking. With respect to smoke drift, it’s important to clarify where the person is smoking – if they’re doing so within their own private property, its difficult to restrict them as they have a right to enjoy their property in their own way.

However, if they’re smoking on common property, you may take the help of your committee to restrict smokers by:

  • Designating common areas for smoking, away from residential parts of the property
  • Putting up signs to inform all owners and residents
  • Specifying smoking related rules in the by-laws while they’re being drafted for the property
  • Adopting a model by-law and outlining the do’s and don’ts with regard smoking on common property

By-laws exist to help everyone living in strata property to be on the same page and be sensitive to each other so that everyone gets to enjoy their property in the best possible way. If your by-laws are unclear or ineffective, you can work with your owners corporation to get them modified and updated in a general meeting by passing a special resolution.

Here is an article on how your by-laws can help you make the most of strata living.