Should my strata manager be able to update me on my dispute?


My name was recorded in the strata committee meeting minutes when another owner made a complaint. After following up from the minutes and providing information to the strata manager on the situation, I didn’t hear another word until I requested information. When I got a response, I was told it had been dealt with without any explanation.

I then found out that the matter was forwarded to a solicitor, which the owners corporation paid for, and the legal advice was that the dispute should go to Fair Trading for mediation. Nothing ended up happening, and the result was not noted in any subsequent minutes. Is this normal? – Gloria NSW



Your strata manager should have kept you in the loop. The manager’s role heavily revolves around correspondence and documenting decisions and instructions.

During a situation like yours, where there are disputes and issues between owners, the strata manager should facilitate the committee to clearly communicate – with full transparency – where the dispute resolution or process is at, and what is happening with the parties involved.

For more information, you can download our free guide on managing disputes by clicking here. Alternatively, you can seek additional help at Kemps Petersons Legal – the legal strata specialists.