My roller door does not have locking pins, which every other unit has installed. Who is responsible in paying for the roller door locking pins? – David, NSW

Q: I am a owner of a business unit and the roller door does not have locking pins installed which every other unit have installed. I have asked the strata to add the locking pins so it can be safer and they have said that I should pay for the locking pins. Who is responsible for the roller door locking pins?


A: An existing suitable locking device on the roller door would likely satisfy the Owners Corporation’s responsibility. Therefore, any additional locks would fall to the individual lot owner.
We recommend referring to the registered by-laws; there may be a relevant by-law relating to individual lots having the authority to add locks or other safety devices to protect them.
We also recommend contacting your strata manager to understand if by-law five exists under the ‘model by-laws’ for your strata plan – this may provide further assistance.