Can we replace the original ugly brown tiles on our balcony with new ones? – Sonia, QLD

Q: Can we replace the original ugly brown tiles on our balcony with new ones? The balcony is part of our unit.


A: We recommend first checking your body corporate by-laws. This is because your body corporate by-laws may state whether you can or cannot change the appearance of your balcony tiles.

If it is not stated, you may wish to speak to either your body corporate committee’s secretary or your body corporate manager. Let them know of the change you’d like to make so they can add it to the next general meeting’s agenda for voting – known as a motion. Assuming a change of the balcony’s appearance is allowed, the motion will be voted on and if successful you will be able to go ahead with the renovation.

It’s also worth noting that if approved, you will want to have a by-law created to cover the renovation. By-laws are important as they will define responsibilities of repairing and maintaining the renovation. This will save any confusion in future, for yourself and subsequent owners of the lot (e.g. in the event that you sell your unit). It also formalises the process of application, and approval of the by-law ensures that all necessary requirements are met. Renovations that do not go through a formal process such as this may be forced to revert back to their original state.

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