Conditions of an owner renovating a bathroom in strata – Christine, NSW

Q: If an owner renovates a bathroom:
a) do the owners corporation have to pay for waterproofing area (eg: shower floor & common wall)?
b) If they sell and the bathroom has problems later on, who is responsible for paying for any repairs?
c) If that owner creates a by-law for the bathroom renovation, does that only apply to that unit/townhouse and would that owner pay for the by-law?


A: If an owner renovates a bathroom responsibility of the waterproofing areas are dependant on where they are located.

It is recommended that you check your strata plan or by-laws as they will let you know whether these components fall within your lot, or on common property.

If it is in your lot, you as the lot owner must pay. On the other hand, if they are part of common property, your owners corporation will have the responsibility of paying.

As for by-law creation to renovate a bathroom, they usually only apply to the specific unit/townhouse, and the payment would need to be covered by the owner getting renovations done.

When it comes to the sale of the lot, the by-law should outline what repairs and maintenance the lot owner is responsible for in relation to the renovation. This makes the by-law a good place to look to figure out responsibilities.

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