How can I rectify strata renovations from the past to eliminate any future liability? – Anthony, NSW

Q: Six years ago, there was a leak from my bathroom to the floor below. The strata property’s plumber said it was due to the bathtub moving and leaking water through the tiles and not due to shower seals, so strata requested I replace the bathtub and retile etc.

Due to the urgency of this and the fact I wanted to renovate my bathroom anyway, I went ahead and replaced the tub with a shower and changed the toilets, cabinets and tiling. This was all done by a reliable handyman. However, I can’t locate an invoice for it.

I sold the apartment shortly after. I am not sure if any renovation was mentioned in the contract, and there were no problems. In the meantime, it has just come to my attention that I am supposed to ask permission from the owners corporation for the above work.

How can I rectify this situation to eliminate any future liability? It was due to being young and inexperienced and not knowing.


A: You may wish to get in contact with the current strata manager or strata committee to let them know of the renovations that were made.

A by-law may need to be drafted and registered to detail the extent of renovation and include any relevant repairs or maintenance required.