How far does owners corporation building insurance extend? Do you need building insurance in your apartment to be fully covered? – Kim, NSW

Q: My son owns an apartment in a strata block of units. While the owners corporation has building insurance, how far does this cover extend in relation to say the shower, tiled walls and floors, ceilings and internal walls of his apartment?

Also, does my son need to take out building insurance on his apartment to ensure he is fully covered for what is deemed ‘building’ damage within his apartment?


A: While building insurance may cover common property areas and the building’s structure (potentially including ceilings, floors and internal walls within an apartment), it likely won’t cover fixtures and fittings such as showers, sinks, tiles and kitchen cabinetry. We recommend having a close look at your strata building insurance policy to determine what exactly is covered, and then investing in home and contents insurance to protect fixtures, fittings and personal items. You may wish to make the most of the 20% Contents and Landlord Insurance discounts PICA Group and CHU Insurance are currently offering by clicking here.