Our elderly neighbour blocks the garage with their car. Without a body corporate, how to we remedy this? – Will, VIC

Q: We have a shared driveway for two dwellings. Our elderly neighbour parks their car in front of their garage, so we can’t use the space to get out of our garage without doing a 10-point-turn. Are they allowed to block the turning path? What do I do if they refuse to move their car? There is no body corporate, and we are renting.

A: Without a body corporate to provide by-laws around parking, the sole responsibility here rests with the property owners, i.e. your landlord, and whomever owns the other dwelling. Make contact with your landlord, bring the issue to their attention, and ask for a resolution. They will have to enquire what the terms of easement are in regards to access rights over a shared driveway.