One of our residents is concerned about CCTV cameras and filming children in the pool. Is it really an issue? – Marilyn, NSW

Q: We had CCTV security cameras installed last year at our strata property, covering our entrance and swimming pool. These are located on common property, as we had a spate of car thefts and break-ins, not to mention non-residents using the pool. One of our residents is concerned about the cameras filming children using the pool (under 14 with adult) in our by-laws. We feel these cameras are for a security reason, is there an issue with this situation?

A: Where there are CCTV cameras in place, it’s important there’s clear signage saying so. Because CCTV involves legal aspects of privacy, there are many laws to conform to which are detailed on the Australian Government’s Office of the Australian Information Commissioner webpage. This can be found here ( and you can find more specific detail about which laws cover a surveillance device, including a residential security camera like the one in mention, and where you can get help with a dispute. We suggest you have a procedure in place regarding how footage is used, stored, etc. and to reassure the owners and the committee, it may be prudent to get legal advice to ensure this is in line with the aformentioned laws.