What can I do if my neighbour does not pay their share of insurance? – Richelle, VIC

Q: I live in a 1×4 duplex in a strata title. one of my neighbors won’t pay their share of insurance, we have tried to get in contact with them with no answer, they currently rent out their property while the other 3 houses are lived in by the owner.

What can I do?


If your Owners Corporation has an appointed manager, you and your fellow ‘financial’ owners (i.e., those paying their levies) should request that the manager commence debt recovery action under the Owners Corporations Act 2006. 

If you are a self-managed strata title, you may wish to seek advice from a Victorian strata lawyer specialist on how to proceed with the debt recovery claim on an ad hoc basis. Several firms can assist in this respect, and in the circumstances provided, there may also be a reasonable chance of cost recovery.