My strata committee has undertaken unapproved works – what can I do and can I get a refund? Joan, NSW

The strata committee had some work done on common property, marked out car spaces (that are too small), and put up a sign at the entrance of the complex. The committee did not take these decisions to a general meeting, they just did it. I was not consulted about these two actions and I do not use the small car spaces that have been marked out on common property. What can I do about it? As I was not consulted about this work, can I get my proportion of the funds that were expended on this returned to me?

– Joan, NSW


In NSW, there are restrictions on the powers of a strata committee. Committees are not allowed to improve or enhance the common property without a special resolution passed at a general meeting of the owners corporation. To pass a special resolution in NSW, no more than 25% of votes can be cast against the motion.

You may check if your committee’s decision is in line with the law and as approved by the owners corporation.┬áRead more on the state laws regarding strata committees here.

For more information on committee workings, read another FAQ response here.