My new neighbours are very noisy and disruptive. I’m old and am recovering from cancer but the constant noise is affecting my health. What are my options? – Johneen, NSW

I have lived in my unit for 12 peaceful years until now. The house next door was sold last year for the third time. The new owners are a young couple. He gets drunk and plays loud music and uses foul language including the f— word. Their front porch is close to our back porch and lounge room so when he has the music blasting, we have to shut all doors and windows which gets very uncomfortable. Since we rent and they own the property, I’m told there’s basically nothing we can do about it. I’m still recovering from breast cancer and kidney cancer. I’m 70, all I want is to live in peace.

–  Johneen, NSW

If peaceful talks with your neighbour and owners corporation mediation doesn’t help, you may take up the matter with the Council or the local police who generally govern noise regulations.

We recommend that you keep a log of the times and dates when the noise issues occur and report these to council. If you feel threatened by the noise and language you should report it to the local police immediately. Noise abatement orders can be issued and then if breaches of these orders occur fines can be imposed. You may find more information on how to handle noise issues here.