My neighbour’s shower leaked & the strata fixed it but plumbers put holes in the wall and the water damaged my wall, floors and kitchen cupboards. Is the strata responsible? – Malcolm, NSW

Question: My neighbour’s shower leaked due to a break in the membrane behind tiles. This has been repaired by the strata but resulted in damage to plaster on the boundary wall and holes cut by the plumbers to gain access. The strata has arranged to repair the wall next week. The water has damaged my wall, floating timber floors and kitchen cupboards. The entire apartment is laid with a continuous installation of flooring and the damage extends about 6 metres from the point of the leak. Is the strata responsible for the flooring and cupboards, as the water came from a common property leak?

– Malcolm, NSW

Answer: If you’re a tenant you will need to report the matter to your real estate agent who will address the owners corporation. However, if you are an owner we recommend documenting the damage with photos and times, then sending this to your strata manager. The strata manager may claim damage to internal features on the owners corporation insurance policy. You can request a copy of your strata plan from your strata manager. This document should determine in writing, which party is responsible for areas in your plan.