My fence is rotten. It’s 20 years old I applied this time last year for a new one, the main man keeps coming up with excuses, yet when there is a meeting he claims travel expenses, he does have a property near me but lives in Sydney & that’s where he claims travel expenses from which I don’t agree with. In the 12 months that I have lived here all that’s been done is mulch for the gardens & a pest inspection. I would like some advice please. – Mary, QLD

Hello Mary, a body corporate must maintain the common property in a good and structurally sound condition and the owner of a lot must maintain their lot in good condition.

Maintenance can include work that is needed to prevent damage, therefore an owner may be liable if they do not maintain their lot and this causes damage to another lot or common property.

The decision of the body corporate committee is based on the issue that has been raised with them, and you may wish to approach the committee, preferably in writing asking their reasoning behind their decision.

You could also submit a motion to the committee or to the next general meeting in relation to this matter.

The last resort would be to proceed with dispute resolution – please refer to the government page below: