If there is a leak in the roof at a strata complex and it damages the interiors of my property, what do I do? – Joan, NSW

If there is a leak in the roof, or a skylight, at a strata complex and rainwater leaks into the property causing damage inside the property, who is responsible for the repair of the damage, the owner or the owners corporation?

– Joan, NSW

If the roof or skylight are part of common property or shared by multiple buildings, your strata committee or owners corporation would be responsible for maintaining this.

It depends on your by-laws and type of property ownership. It also depends on the type of the property – whether its under a strata scheme or community title scheme. If it’s under a community title scheme, the owner of the property is responsible. If it’s under a strata scheme, the owners corporation could be responsible for this kind of maintenance. Sometimes both the strata committee and owners corporation could oversee this type of concern.

Make sure to check your property’s by-laws to find out what is your best course of action. You could raise your concern with the strata committee for an detailed investigation regarding the maintenance, damage repair and costs. You should provide your insurance providers details to the strata manager so they can consider who is liable to cover the costs.

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