I’ve been told by my strata manager that putting a splashback in my kitchen represents a major renovation. Is this right? – Frank, NSW

Depending on what kind of changes you’re planning to make, what kind of splashbacks you’re looking to use and how this activity may affect the structure and stability of your building, this may be considered a major or minor renovation.

For example, if it affects the waterproofing or changes the appearance of the common wall, this may be considered a major renovation, in which case you would need express approval from your owners corporation before starting any renovation work.

We would suggest that you refer to the by-laws specific to your property regarding repairs and renovations. You may have a detailed chat with your strata manager to ascertain if the renovation is your owners corporation’s responsibility or yours as the property owner. They may also be able to give more clarity regarding who pays for the renovation work and all subsequent maintenance.

You may refer to this article on the different types of strata property renovations in NSW or download this free guide to NSW strata living.