Is there a list of body corporate rules or are they just made up? – Lorna, QLD

By-laws are a set of rules that a body corporate makes to control and manage:

  • the common property
  • body corporate assets services and facilities provided by the body corporate
  • the use of lots

While the state laws outline how properties can operate legally within a body corporate, sometimes there is a need for specific frameworks that are more suitable for each property and their residents. That is when the property owners can mutually agree upon setting up some ground rules that makes body corporate living easy for everyone. These by-laws are registered and enforceable. If the by-laws are not working anymore, or if the situation demands them to be updated with changing times, they can be changed by the body corporate through a special resolution in an AGM. Our recent article covers more details around changing your by-laws.

A body corporate can choose to adopt the standard by-laws that are set out in Schedule 4 of the Body Corporate and Community Management Act 1997 (QLD) or it can make its own to suit the specific property and owners.

The by-laws for a body corporate are in the community management statement which is recorded for each community titles scheme. You may refer to the Queensland Government website for more information about by-laws.

You can check out this essential guide and download your free e-book here or get in touch with your body corporate manager for further clarity.