Is my chairperson allowed to pay themselves $100 for fixing the letter box?


Is my Chairperson allowed to pay himself $100 to fix our letterbox? It was a small job, just a matter of a few screws. Is this allowed? – Sharyn, VIC


It’s recommended that you check with your committee secretary or owners corporation manager to see if there’s a record of the job. It’s important to make sure these processes follow the right quoting procedures. In Victoria, a committee member must not obtain a benefit for themselves or another person. If a committee member is going to undertake works, it should be formally quoted and they should be removed from the quoting process to ensure an unbiased and appropriate quote. The person doing the work should be appointed by the committee, and the owners corporation should have given permission for the job to take place.

Whenever someone is undertaking work on the property, even when it is a small job and undertaken by an owner or committee member, they should have the appropriate insurances. Likewise, most jobs require a license. You should always check with your manager whether the person undertaking the job is appropriately qualified or not. Remember that licenses and having the appropriate person to undertake the job can impact your insurance.

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