Can we install separate water meters in our building?


Can anything be done regarding separate water meters? I find it unfair having to pay for excess water other owners use. Am I really obliged to pay for Walter Wellyboots who washes his car every second day or Mrs Green Thumb who waters her perfectly lush garden twice per day? – Suzanne, QLD


A plumber can provide a quote to transition to individual water meters. However, you should first discuss this with the committee as they may have already done some research on splitting metres on your property. With the support of the committee, you could submit a motion to the next annual general meeting for approval, then action can be taken. To find out more about reducing costs and energy wastage on your property, visit our CommunityGreen page to see what other initiatives your property can get behind. Many people don’t know, there are lots of ways to reduce water and electricity wastage on common property and save money.